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Business Inventory Management Solution With Source Code

Business inventory management software with source code provides the highest flexibility to software developer when comes to customization and integration. Although there are many different powerful business inventory management software around, but it takes more time to integrate and customize, and the solution provider needs to purchase each license from the vendor, greatly lowered the profit margin. If given a choice to integrate inventory tracking software with the minimum effort and resources, the source code based system will be the one! Passing inventory data is the easiest part in integration, but what if developer need some special modification or enhancement to the inventory software? They can only create a separate entry screen without touching the original system! And my opinion, this is ugly.

The source code based system is gaining popularity over the years, although there are many people turn to open source solution, but the commercial source code based system still gets the highest credit when it comes to support and competitive advantages! Commercial source code based system received better support, bug fixes and provides higher quality coding with RAD tools! RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. These are powerful tools that allows developer to "draw" their application in the visual way, instead of coding the software through the development life cycle. Another great feature from commercial source code - Object oriented program in visual way! Object oriented programming is well known, but many business software developers didn't know the power of visual inheritance! They can define the shared component in the parent and the vary components in the child, by just using RAD tools to "draw" their code! Back to the inventory features. A good inventory tracking software should support these features: Feature #1 - Tracking inventory by multiple warehouses. Feature #2 - Allow adjustment and stock take updates. Feature #3 - Allow remote query with web interface or windows thin client.

Feature #4 - Allow at a glance view of all warehouse / outlets inventories. Feature #5 - Fast processing of month end closing. Feature #6 - Auto distributed multiple outlet stock. Feature #7 - Auto double entry on outlets stock transfer.

(Even with Delivery Order Out at one store and Receiving in at another store, all automated without the needs to double entry!) All these features are just the tips of the iceberg, and different business inventory management software has different features and emphasis, but all down to the customer's needs, and only the source code based system can provide such a flexibility for developer to customize their own needs. Copyright © 2008 - Cynics Software. Feel free to distribute this article, along with the resources box in place without modification.

Cynics Software provides the best business inventory management software with source code, visit the website and find out more information on: Inventory Software Features.

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