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Cell Phone Antennas

The thing is that technology has come thus far that we no longer require the age-old antennas that the old Nokias used. An internal antenna would work just as fine as an external antenna that is however provided that you are purchasing a good model phone and not some cheap model. I feel that an internal antenna is superior to the external antenna in wireless devices. An external antenna can easily get broken or cracked and then your phone is basically kaput.

Many of the manufactures have now gone to internal antennas and the devices are much better than the old external antenna devices. In looking at today's devices, the Samsung and LG phones still seem to have external antennas and the Motorola devices are now all internal. The Nokia and Sony devices also have internal antennas.

All of the PDAs now have internal antennas, including the newer Treos. Sound quality is based on the phone model, itself, but as far as getting and retaining signal strength, I think you will find that the phones with internal antennas, such as the Razr, several of the Sony models and the PDAs are better than those devices with external antennas. External antennae of good quality definitely do improve performance. IMHO, Wilson Electronics is one of the best sources for cellular signal enhancement equipment, including antennae and amplifiers. Televisions operate in a different frequency range than cellular phones so hooking up to a television antenna will not improve your signal. If you have absolutely no signal at your house and have to travel a distance before you pick up a signal the prospects are grim.

If you have some kind of signal outside of your house then an external antenna should help you. In addition to an external antenna an inline amplifier would strengthen your signal ever more. Be careful to get one that works with a Digital phone though. The old style that worked on analog will not work with the digital phones. If you would like we do carry these and can order one for you.

We just need to know the exact Samsung model you have. From what I read, you want to hook your radio antenna up to try to boost your cell phone signal? I have limited experience with engineering, but I do know that your radio antenna and cell phone should be on a different frequency; this is why you don't pick up radio stations while talking on your cell and your call doesn't interfere with radio broadcasts. I would definitely recommend you talk to someone at say Radio Shack.

I know there are boosters made specifically for cell phones; they might be able to help you find one for your phone. The sticks on antennas are of little help. Yes we do sell regular antennas for cellular phones. Try doing a *228 (send) option 2 to your phone. you should do that once a month to update the most recent tower list.

if that doesn't work we sell antennas that do work. but you have to be plugged in.

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