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Conference Calling Services Extra Features

Choosing a conference calling service is not always simple as there are many types and options available. The type conference calling service a business chooses will need to fit their requirements and help their business to run more efficiently. The number and form of added options will also have to fit their needs bus also fit into their budget.

A company should always remember that when choosing a service it should be what they need not what they desire. Conference calling features can add up and businesses don't need to break the bank when choosing them. First, a company will need to choose which type of conference calling service is best for them.

Un-moderated, pre-arrange conference is a popular option for smaller companies who do not use conferencing very often. When conferencing calling needs are low this type of service is extremely economical because it charges by the minute per participant. There is also the option of instant access conference calling which allows companies that use conferencing calling services frequently to not have to arrange the meeting in advance.

When using this type of conference calling service a moderator is issued call-in numbers and room-access numbers that can be handed out and dialed in at a moment's notice. However, there are some limitations to instant access conference calling including limits set on the number of attendees. Also, there are not many add-on options available with instant access conferencing. After choosing a type of conference calling service, businesses also have the option of adding extra features that can help enhance their conference calling needs. One of the most common add-on features is a meeting entry announcement function. When using this function, anyone who dials into the call will need to record their name prior to being admitted into the conferencing room.

Once they are admitted their recorded name will play so all participant will know who is present. Another popular add-on feature is combining voice conferencing with web conferencing, which includes not just hosting the conference call through the internet but adding a visual component. This visual component allows participants to follow along with a slide show presentation, discussion of a document or other graphic representation. This feature is especially beneficial to companies who have employees that travel often or companies that need to share data with associates across the globe.

A third add-on feature for conference calling services is the ability to record conference calls. Some services offer playback over the web which is available almost instantly after the meeting. Other services send recordings as a data file that need to be downloaded in order to play it back on a computer. Depending on your businesses needs some services can also provide a tape or CD of the recording. When choosing these extra add-on features make sure you keep in mind the budget and needs of your company.

There is no need to spend money on a feature that will not be utilized regularly.

Jeremy Thompson is the author of your online guide to conference calling and conference calling services. Visit his site at

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