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Mueller calls out high profile Americans who unwittingly helped Russian trolls

Special Counsel Robert Mueller chose to lay out in detail in his Russia investigation report the role that prominent Trump campaign officials, Trump critics and the media unwittingly played in promoting messages sent by a Russian troll group with links to the Kremlin. The details could serve as a warning to Americans to think before they tweet.

Burned out by Fortnite's battle royale? Try your hand at the game's creative mode World Cup instead

If Fornite's knock-down, drag-out battle royale style isn't your speed, there's now another way you can get props for your gaming prowess.

Pinterest pops 28% in its Wall Street debut

For years, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann has insisted his company is not an outright social network. As he told CNN Business in a recent interview, the platform is not focused on hard news or amassing followers. "At its most basic level, it's just about you," he said.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold is breaking for some early users

First there was Bendgate. Now there is ... Foldgate?

China opens the door to Nintendo's Switch and Super Mario

Shares in Nintendo soared 14% in Tokyo on Friday after China opened the door to sales of the company's popular Switch console.

Comcast and T-Mobile just rolled out a new anti-Robocall tool. But it doesn't do much yet

There's some good news and bad news about those pesky robocalls.

Facebook bans British far-right groups and their leaders

Facebook has banned a number of far-right groups and their leaders in the United Kingdom after determining that they "spread hate."

Samsung Galaxy Fold phones are breaking. Here's why it doesn't matter

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is launching next week as planned, despite reports from some early reviewers that their devices broke after just a few days of use. Here's why it doesn't matter.

Uber uses push alerts to crack down on fake driver problem

Uber is rolling out safety reminders for riders in an effort to crack down on fake drivers.

NASA is renting out another piece of historic property to Jeff Bezos' rocket company

Jeff Bezos' rocket company, Blue Origin, is taking over a historic NASA facility — and it's only the latest example of a private "new space" company slapping its logo on former space agency territory.

Wisconsin's governor really hates the Foxconn deal. He wants to renegotiate

Tony Evers, the Democratic governor of Wisconsin, says he doesn't think Foxconn will ever add 13,000 jobs in his state.

Zoom nearly reaches $16 billion in value after first day of trading

Video-conferencing company Zoom soared during its debut as a public company.

Apple is making it easier to recycle your old iPhone

Apple is giving customers new ways to recycle their iPhones. It's part of the company's lofty long-term goal of using only recycled or renewable materials to make its products.

Pinterest IPO priced at $19 per share

Pinterest on Wednesdsay set final pricing for its IPO.

Uber's self-driving car unit grabs $1 billion in investment

Uber's self-driving car unit has lured $1 billion in investment ahead of the company's hotly anticipated stock market debut.

Owning a Warhol: How bitcoin could change the art world

Singapore-based Maecenas hopes to change million dollar record-breaking art sales forever.

If your image is online, it might be training facial-recognition AI

The photo is undeniably cute: a mom and a dad — he with a stubbly beard and rimless glasses, she with choppy brown hair and a wide grin — goofing around and eating ice cream with their two toddler daughters.

Amazon will no longer sell Chinese goods in China

Amazon is partially retreating from the world's biggest market for online shopping.

Facebook perfects the art of the news dump

On the Thursday before a major holiday weekend, and an hour before the much-anticipated Mueller report was released to the public, Facebook updated a month-old blog post titled "Keeping Passwords Secure" with a few lines of italicized text.

How Chinese internet trolls go after Beijing's critics overseas

Arslan Hidayat was at work when the raid started last week.

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