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Product Review of the Motorola Rizr z

Obviously, it's really old news that the MOTORAZR series has achieved rock star status. We've known this for a few years, and Motorola has emerged as the handset producer with the most momentum. Of course, this means that they need to continue to produce huge sellers.

Can Motorola keep up its progress? We will soon see. The latest attempt to yet again crush the competition is the Motorola Rizr. The Motorola Rizr Z3 is the newest in the MOTORAZR design series. While sporting a very razr-lize look, the rizr adds slider style to its appeal. The slider models produced by other manufacturers have sold quite well, but have never achieved status near the Razr.

Motorola plans to be the first to release a slider that takes a significant share of the market. The Rizr will be the first slider model released by Motorola here in the U.S. Motorola previously released a slider model in Asia. Motorola has beed planning to release this model in Q4 of 2006.

The Moto Rizr Z3 will be GSM 850/900/1800/1900 plus EDGE, so it should connect easily to most GSM providers, when unlocked. The model also will support stereo Bluetooth, which has become a must have in the digital market. This allows for beaming of music via Bluetooth to and from a pc.

The model still supports USB 2.0, which is important as many users won't yet have a computer Bluetooth connection. Motorola has found a secret weapon that isn't much talked of. TFT technology allows for extremely clear screens. Thin film transistors placed on the glass allow for an increase in picture clarity.

Motorola has been using the technology on all the phones in the MOTORAZR series, and users have really taken to the increased screen clarity. Motorola has obviously seen that the slider market is untapped, and have taken the proper measures to get a significant piece of it. Let's give some reasons why the Motorola Rizr will be a smash hit. First, we should address the rock star status of the Razr series. Who doesn't have a Razr these days? The Rizr will be the latest and greatest from Motorola, and we predict that at least a few hundred thousand will pick it up. The Razr was a buying craze, and the Rizr should follow suit.

The features of the Rizr will add some buyers, as Motorola has added a 2 megapixel camera, and a Micro SD cardslot. These upgraded features will be able to pull in delayed buyers that have been waiting for a better digital camera. Many users still hang on to old features like speaker phone, and the Rizr complies. The Rizr speakerphone has a nice sound, very similar to the speakerphone on the Razr. The Lithium-Ion battery allows for up to 9 days stand by and about 3 hours of talk time. Lastly, the MotoRizr has a fresh look and a rockin' screen.

Surely, Motorola has hit paydirt again. Overall, the Rizr offers an innovative slider design with really impressive features. The MOTORIZR sports a innovative mobile package for those interested in media, design, style, and functionality.

The MOTORIZR is uniquely crafted with a wicked slim design. Appealing to the senses, the device offers excellent digital imaging and presentation. Offering needed functionality and style, the Rizr is sure to be a smash.

Courtney writes product reviews and publications such as this one on the Motorola Rizr z3, otherwise known as the Moto Rizr Z3.

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