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Samsung YPKJQB GB Ultra Slim MP Player

Samsung's YP-K3 2GB Audio Player is an ultra-thin subscription-enabled MP3 Player. Instead of being limited to one equalizer mode, like some other MP3 players, the K3 has five EQ modes so your music plays how you want to hear it. Keeping with the "more than the usual player" mentality, Samsung included above average headphones; these comfortable bass boosting earphones fit comfortably in your ear and substantially limit extraneous noise for an improved listening experience. With an easy to browse picture menu, photo viewing capabilities and a built-in FM tuner, the K3 truly stands out amongst other flash-drive based MP3 players The Samsung K3 is the slimmest subscription-enabled MP3 Player on the market. The K3 uses Samsung's OLED display with a light emitting touch-pad, a combination that has garnered. I really like this player a lot, for its looks and its sound quality.

However, the radio sucks, very difficult not to get any interference. the fm tuner in my previous samsung mp3 player worked great, and so does the tuner in my nokia mp3 phone. so its fine i guess if i need to listen to the radio i can use some other device. although i think it sucks that its so weak on the k3. also the 2 gb is enough for me. and battery time is also good, but my previous sams Samsung has a knack for making products impossibly thin.

This is apparent with a large number of their innovative cell phones. However, it wasn't long before they would do the same with their digital audio players. Considered one of the most eye-catching products at this year's CES, the new Samsung YP-K3 redefines the term slim, only measuring in at a mere 0.27" wide. However, that's not all that has gotten many interested in this innovative new player.

Sporting a light-emitting touch sensitive navigation pad, a quality 1.8" color OLED display and a high-tech style interface, this is quite possibly the most appealing MP3 player to hit the market. Stick with me here as I give you a very thorough look at this little may not be for everyone.

The sophisticated K3 is also a model of simplicity and convenience. It measures a scant 3.78" long x 1.7" wide x 0.27" thick and weights a mere 0.

11 pounds - perfectly sized for the gym, the subway, or when you're on the go. user friendly The K3 has a large 1.8" full-color OLED and touch pad that illuminates the sleek surface with a blue-white light. The user interface, which has won rave reviews, has intuitive navigation, and is the essence of cool.

rich sound that rivals home systems Thanks to Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe) - Samsung's critically acclaimed audio technology - the K3 delivers clear sound that's on a par with home stereo systems. DNSe produces remarkable, three-dimensional audio, for a true-to-life experience. And specially calibrated, bass-rich EP370 buds are engineered to deliver full, state-of-the-art sound directly to your ears. playback time The YP-K3JQB player comes with 2GB of flash memory. The battery lasts up to 25 hours - then for longer life, pop in its additional battery, and you're good to go for a very long time. Technical Details Stores up to 2GB.

* Plays MP3, WMA,DRM-Janus and JPEG. * Flash Storage Device * 1.8 full color OLED * FM Tuner with autoscan and presets * Light emitting touch pad * Li-Poly rechargeable battery * Screensavers-analog clock * Sleep timer and auto-off * Supports USB 1.

1, 2.0 * JPEG slide shows * 20hr bat life 1.8 full color LED display. The K3 has a full color OLED Display.

With its 1.8-inch display you can view JPEG slideshows. With DNSe, Samsung's proprietary Digital Natural Sound engine technology, the K5 offers virtual surround sound.

This guarantees great volume, no distortion, and a more natural and accurate higher quality sound, even with just two small speakers. In addition, 5 modes of Preset EQ allow you to customize the sound experience to suit the style of music. These advanced music functions allow you to enjoy the same acoustic wow that you would hear from your home stereo.

Reevo reviews Compact and neat , brilliant sound. No need to recharge the battery too often. Haven;t used all the operations - mainly listening to music.

Being in mid seventies I find the MP3 incredibly clear - however changed from the earphones supplied with it and upgraded to the type which attach round the ears themselves which I prefer. Found the operation of putting sound up and down difficult to grasp - and sometimes found I had lost the sound completely and having to restart. Possibly my own fault.

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