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The stereo speakers in an audio system are the most important and yet least understood component. Loudspeakers form a critical link between you the listener and the audio system. And yet, the stereo speakers task is relatively simply and straightforward, that is, transform audio signals into sound waves.

Despite the speakers relative simplicity of function, the availability of a large variety of design choices and price levels can be an intimidating prospect. To assist in simplifying the selection of appropriate stereo speakers, I have arranged the reviews into suitable price categories.

Here are some of our top picks of quality speakers on the market currently:

Price Range


Under $200

Athena AS-B1

$201 to $500

Axiom M22TI

$501 to $1000

Athena AS-F2

$1001 to $2000

Axiom M80TI

I am a huge fan of Axiom speakers. These speakers not only delivers excellent sound but their high build quality and appearance blends well with existing furnishing.

Axiom speakers are sold factory direct, with 5 year warranty, free shipping and a 30-day risk free trial. The 30-day in home trial allows you to audition the speakers in your own home with your existing components. In-home audition is the ideal way to find out if a speaker is right for you.


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