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Untangle the Twisted Untold Secrets of Online Dating

When it comes to online dating believe it or not the women are enjoying a big laugh at mens online dating profiles, and the number one reason is because of the attitudes these men seem to form with dating and women. One of the main problems is these profiles of men scream out loud and clear that they are desperate and weak, but the stranger thing is men believe this is what women want. Here is a huge gift just listen and absorb it.

Indicating that you are desperate and weak to a women even if you are is NEVER a good thing. Those men who have those types of profiles I would bet my life that you are hearing phrases like lets be friends or but you're a really nice guy though; ever heard those phrases before partner. Most men in the online dating arena do not have a clue of what to say or do to get a womens attention which should start at a friendship level and grow from there.

There is no way around it online dating is and will always be a numbers game; Most men believe you have to have a certain swagger or a special line or phrase to say to a women to be successful. That is just not true at all. If you are average looking this will work for you, as long as, they know what women want and they behave and hold themselves in ways women find attractive. Knowing that some of your online dating success is attributed to the numbers game it would be wise to put these numbers in your favor.

Women like men who are honest and humorous and who have good listening skills (this last one is a big one). Women want a man who will listen to what they have to say. Remember this article is about the truth and nothing but the truth about online dating and no filler.

A women wants a man who honestly and sincerely care about them as a person and their beliefs and value system. These things are hard to fake seeing a person day to day week to week so with that in mind we would want to choose people most like us that have interests and /or values similar to ours. This will give you the best chance of meeting someone you would like and likes you and that you would be most comfortable around. Nothing ever is 100% and every women you meet will not be into you or you into her this is just the plain truth. Get over it; after chatting online or going on a date. I am saying this so you will be in line with reality and let you know you are not going to be every online womens cup of tea if you get my drift.

There are many men who have a strong fear of approaching and meeting beautiful women; it is a fear that must be addressed when in person, but that fear does not really exist online not in the very beginning stages. One of the things you can do to reduce the fear factor of meeting women is simply to believe what ever happens is suppose to happen and live with what ever the outcome is. Another way is to learn what you should know about meeting and interacting with women (enough so you feel comfortable). You can continue being you as you are but you can not complain about the results; they are what they are.

Another choice is you can be genuine, honest and truthful which is a great positive way to start and go from there. Still there is a better way and that is to be truthful with yourself admit you do have this fear and that it is ok and natural at tomes. Ask yourself what things do you like that relax you or put you more at ease; what ever that is its ok. Whenever you feel fear coming on this is your clue to bring forth that image, picture, smell whatever it is that relaxes you very quickly remember on and off quickly this prevents others from knowing what it is we are doing. Bring that image to your attention at once when you feel the fear arising ; this is something you should continually do until it becomes second nature to you just like breathing you do not think about breathing its second nature you just do it.

This is important you do not have to have the image in your mind all the time throughout the day you just turn it on as needed just long enough to relax you and calm you down and keep moving along doing what ever your doing. Again just turn it on a couple seconds to calm you down and then keep rolling along. Continue to repeat this exercise as needed. This exercise tends to work well with people and causes them to relax more quickly and be able to communicate better and more confidently with women. Take this information and use it because it works.

The old saying goes knowledge is power, the new saying goes APPLIED knowledge is power anything else is just window dressing.

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