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What Is VOIP and Why Use It

VOIP is short for Voice Over Internet Protocol and if you haven't heard much about it you will very soon. This has become one of the most popular ways to make phone calls for people all over the world. It is type of data transfer program that allows you to use your computer to make phone calls. With a VOIP you have several options of how you want to place your call.

You can plug it in like any regular type of phone. You can make a call from a personal computer to a regular phone or another VOIP phone. You can also make calls from one VOIP to another. The entire process works through a system that takes your voice and transfers it through the internet in the form of a digital signal. You can use them anywhere you have a home computer or a laptop.

Since VOIP has become so very popular more public locations including airports, parts, coffee shops, and libraries are offering VOIP connections as well. There are many advantages to using VOIP and many forecast that it will replace all current phone lines in homes in the next 20 years. It is extremely affordable and many homeowners have found the monthly cost to be less than they were paying. For those making large amounts of long distance calls, VOIP is the way to go.

You can get unlimited access for a low monthly price. Even if other parties don't have VOIP they can call you for free. You can set up your phone so that the calls they make to it aren't considered to be long distance. You do this by changing the origin of the calling area. You can change this as often as you need to in order to meet your calling needs. Many business owner's have begun using VOIP instead of cell phones for their traveling business associates.

They can make all the calls they need to without costing the company a fortune in the process. Since the calls sound so clear the VOIP has replaced some types of business travel. Instead of traveling, each party remains at their own location and they communicate over the VOIP system. The VOIP phone is the biggest expense but one that seems to pay for itself in no time at all. The prices of these phones have dramatically dropped with the release of the Apple iPhone in order to entice consumers to choose them. If you are interested in changing to VOIP for your home or business you can get further details from an authorized dealer.

There are currently a few disadvantages with the VOIP system that they are working hard to remedy. If you don't have a backup generator your VOIP won't work when the power goes out. This can be a serious problem if there is an emergency situation unless you have another phone system in place. Even if you do have VOIP service you may find it isn't able to connect to emergency services at the 911 call centers. Many VOIP phones can't be traced by 911 either even if you are able to get the call into them.

You will also find directory assistance isn't readily available but you can always use your computer to find that information.

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