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Protect Yourself Automatically with an Anti Spyware Toolbar

In the past few years, large movements by Internet companies and security solution providers have educated Internet users on the dangers of using the Internet. Many people probably know what spyware and adware is by now, and most people understand that they shouldn't open e-mail attachments from people they don't know. . .

While those dangers are constantly being minimized, many people are still unaware that every time they simply browse the Internet, they are putting their computers at risk for acquiring spyware and other forms of malware, which will slow down their computer. This malicious code is easily acquirable, many times by simply visiting a website, and it will track your online activities and compromise your identity. However, you can get automatic protection that you'll never have to worry about again when you download an anti spyware toolbar. .Check your ISP. .

Some of the more popular ISPs (Internet service providers) such as Comcast offer free to download toolbars for your web browser which include anti-spyware features. These anti spyware toolbars automatically update and help you to easily remove spyware that has infiltrated your PC, and they're easily accessible from inside your web browser. Many different types of browsers are supported as well, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

However, because they're different, you'll want to select the correct installation package when downloading anti spyware toolbars, because an anti spyware toolbar designed for Internet Explorer won't work with Firefox. .Yahoo also has a free anti spyware toolbar for download, although it has come under some criticism for not detecting adware (another form of malware). Still, it offers good protection against spyware, and some protection is certainly better than none.

For a more complete security solution, you'll probably want to check out stand alone programs like Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and Spybot – Search & Destroy. These will offer additional protection and features that wouldn't be feasible in an anti spyware toolbar. However, you'll want to install an anti spyware toolbar for protection while in your browser as a first defense against different types of malware.

The stand alone programs will only assess the threat when you boot up the program and do a manual scan. .Spyware can severely slow your computer down by forcing your processor to execute excess amounts of code, and your Internet can also become very slow if all those different types of spyware continue to send data mined from your PC.

Stand alone programs are feature rich and can deeply scan your hard drives, but to get a first level of defense against malware, you'll want to check out anti spyware toolbars. .

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